Does your stomach got that puffy feeling? Try to change your nutrition and see if your swollen belly misery goes are down to these foods that make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. To a certain extent, a bloated belly post-meal is – let’s say – normal. Like a steo fo digestion. Still, we know that may not comfort you when you have to squeeze your […]


There are a number of bothersome ailments that do not allow you to function properly and which are not a disease. They can of course be a symptom or group of symptoms. Today, however, I will focus on fatigue. Certainly many of you have experienced this “phenomenon”; they are not a disease, but they disturb and have the characteristics of body indisposition. How to fight them with food? First of all, pay […]


Reduced physical activity due to the available options is also a demanding time for figures. It was assured that he did not cross the thought that after quarantine we would go out onto the streets with unnecessary excess kilograms. Attractive when summer and sunbathing are approaching so fast! See what to prepare at home, in addition to main meals, to get value, but also to protect the body from […]

Collagen, hyaluronic acid & silicon

Why do we need collagen? … It is part of the connective tissue (“binder” that connects cells of the skin, bones, cartilage, as well as the component of blood vessels). The body naturally produces it, but its production decreases with age – after 30th years old, quantity decreases. Most, the deficiencies of this relationship are visible on the skin in the form of wrinkles, furrows, drooping and sagging. […]


The proper, aware nutrition which is a main part of the life and also which leads to healthy, balanced lifestyle is not about focus on the calories in food. Here, I want to give you the arguments which will show you why, I hope… Enjoy! So, we ask – counting calories? If someone was to tell you that a portion of spinach and piece of cake were the same amount of calories, […]

How to be classy in eating?

Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you how you are … Similar and also the different expressions are very popular, here I want to show what is the classy eating. It’s not just about the way you eat, as an activity. Here I probably I don’t have to explain, because everyone who is interested in dietetics, nutrition and health, knows the bon-ton rules very […]


As in every field, something is always fashionable or out of fashion. In a case of diets – it’s ideal subject  for consideration. Trends have been, are and will be, which is indeed very interesting and stimulating. Today I will not lead the ranking or critisize any dietary trends, or those related to the lifestyle, I only present what is already passé and en vouge. Looking back, even a few years, […]

The Queen of Autumn & its cocktail version

The consumption of pumpkin in Polish society is still low. You can guess that the reason for this fact is technically difficult, because it is not very easy to process. Fortunately, however, they are eager to act and it is certainly article for them below. Pumpkin is a low-calorie and easily digestible vegetable! Its flesh has an energy value of around 30 kcal / 100g, that’s why people who want to decrease […]

Tartufo – icecream made in Calabria

Calabria is the southern part of Italy with the capital in Catanzaro, bordering the region of Basilicata, and through the Strait of Messina with Sicily. “The end of the shoe” also called “terra incognita” is an agricultural region – the greater part of the population works in services, trade, transport or tourism. Residents are struggling with corruption, the activities of mafia organizations, illegal emigration from Africa, but […]

August relief before going to sleep

Do you sometimes have problems with calm down in the evening? I don’t mean, of course, the time when evening means going out, attending an event or doing late workout. It’s about free time at home, when you’re going to sleep and want to repose. It can be difficult, especially when the day was full of the incentives, work, high effort and additionally temperature […]