Milena Nosek portrait

About me 

I am a graduate of clinical dietetics at the Medical University of Warsaw. Due to the combination of my artistic passion, which is ballet with the interests of human and his condition, I decided to connect these two directions and develop it as a nutritionist of the dancers.

I had have working with my students of the warsaw ballet school for five years, for three years I have been cooperating with the Polish National Ballet in this area as well. In addition, I provide nutritional support in various disease entities. I also lead nutritional workshops and lectures at the Universities. The idea of ​​my studio was created, among others, thanks to individuals who wished to awaken a real awareness of nutrition. Its premise is a holistic approach to the human body focused on education. It concerns not only the attempt to find a proper nutrition scheme, but also development in many areas of a healthy lifestyle.

How to do it? And how not to be afraid of it? Invite you for a journey …

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