August relief before going to sleep

Do you sometimes have problems with calm down in the evening? I don’t mean, of course, the time when evening means going out, attending an event or doing late workout. It’s about free time at home, when you’re going to sleep and want to repose. It can be difficult, especially when the day was full of the incentives, work, high effort and additionally temperature adversely affected general well-being. August, or general – summer, is the perfect time to try out herbal infusions, from seasonal plants. A great blend for soothing the nervous system is a brew made up of:

– lemon balm leaves

– verbena leaves

– basil

– martyrs

All these natural treasures are easily available in Poland. Often on the so-called calming down, because it’s the same profile of action, St John’s wort and hawthorn are recommended, but with the first one we have to say goodbye in the summer and even in spring. In relation to the sun, it causes discoloration of the skin.

These herbs I wrote above have a relaxing property, also arerelaxing (muscle), give relaxing and soothing effect (nervous and digestive system), as well as antioxidant (endocrine system). Combining these properties it is impossible to have a sleepless night or difficulty in falling asleep. These herbs also relieve all pain, tensions, colic and gastrointestinal discomfort.

We prepare the brew by placing a boiling water in a jug, lightly cooling the water, separate 3-5 leaves from each plant, then place in water, wait about 20 minutes and drink. At a slow pace, while drinking a minimum of 350 ml, we enjoy the fresh, expressive taste of the plants, breathing deeply. When the brew is slightly warm and we want to vary it up, we can add a few ice cubes.