So Fancy – class, comfort and style

Marta Fiedler and Paweł Koncewoj – the first soloists of the Polish National Ballet. They created So Fancy. The clothing brand designing and sewing ballet costumes for men and women. Marta – the author of stage costume designs for such performances as Adagio & Scherzo and Bolero by Krzysztof Pastor or Alicja in Wonderland by Jacek Tyski, is responsible for the artistic area of the brand – designs all collections and creates combinations. Taking care of the highest quality of outfits, So Fancy chosed the Italian company Carvico to produce the highest quality elastic fabrics with microfiber, which not only “breathing”, but above all are very comfortable and nice to touch. 








The Carvico company, operating on a global scale since the 1960s, works in highly specialized factories, including those friendly fro an environment. The range of materials is very extensive, the whole activity has significant quality certificates. Meanwhile, the materials used by So Fancy are Siviglia and Riviera. The first one is very light, imperceptible, exceptionally soft, has so-called shape recovery power, which is why it is so unique in adapting to the body. The second – Riviera is made of microfoam, making it extremely soft, ideal for creating elegant and feminine outfits. Unique, delicate, silky texture combines techno-functions: resistant to chlorine, UV radiation (UPF 50+) and “covers” the body without restrictions. This gives comfort and the pleasure of wearing costumes made of this material. What’s more, every woman’s outfit has a lining on the bosom.






In addition to the precise selection and whole heart inserted in the selection of the cooperating So Fancy company, each costume sews on the customer’s special order, adapts them to expectations and needs. Of course, you can choose not only the form, but also a combination of colors or materials in patterns that will make up your fitness outfit. I personally couldn’t decide which one to choose … Everyone is unique and everyone can be beautifully adapted! The range of colors with encouraging names also special. For example: energizing turmeric, elegant titanium, juicy green called dublino, classic black or the original color of a torturer.

Due to the current need, however, I chose the Emerald black outfit from the “Classic Glam” line – one color with a long sleeve, a boat neckline, and a back with a deep cut with two decorative stripes emphasizing the back line. The second from the line “Mix it ….” Is Nephrite – a sleeveless costume with a neckline, fastened at the neck. The back has a large notch, and the upper part is made of flexible mesh finished with trimming. The beautiful outfit that will only be in the collection is Iolite, which I had the honor to wear before it appears! Follow the profile @ sofancy.dancewear on Facebook and Instagram:sofancy_dancewear




fot. Frugie Photography