Reduced physical activity due to the available options is also a demanding time for figures. It was assured that he did not cross the thought that after quarantine we would go out onto the streets with unnecessary excess kilograms. Attractive when summer and sunbathing are approaching so fast! See what to prepare at home, in addition to main meals, to get value, but also to protect the body from gaining unnecessary fat.


It is widely known that vegetables are a very healthy, beneficial and nutritious group of food products. It is difficult to make large stocks now, but such types of services described in nature as tubers, roots or sprouts will undoubtedly last for up to two weeks. Leafy vegetables maybe a little shorter, but 3 days with a must. Why is it worth eating vegetables? They are rich in fiber, which in a situation is beneficial to the intestinal bacterial microflora, bravely fighting to maintain immunity. In addition to fiber, each vegetable has a naturally occurring dye with antioxidant properties, that is, thanks to which – in short – we retain youth, energy, volume of immunity, vitality and good mood for a short time. Processed with vegetables are very suitable heart muscle support substances, e.g. capsaicin in peppers, and quercetin in onions is responsible for antibacterial activity. If any of your mixers struggle with swelling or increased load, give them celery – both root and sci. In addition, one of the greatest benefits of vegetables is their low calorie content. They can be consumed at will, not necessarily ended on the recommended three portions of the day. Many of them have high water content, thanks to which moisturizing and filling functions are available.


The Polish Pyramid of Healthy Nutrition recommends consuming five portions of vegetables and fruits a day, where the second one should have an advantage. Do you follow this recommendation? If not yet, now is the time. Try to incorporate at least three portions of vegetables into your daily menu. Here the question may appear, what does this portion really mean? Well, a glass with a capacity of 250ml already serves a portion. If you eat these three, you will be thus excellent examples of how to follow the recommendations, and thus you will go three steps forward to better health. A portion also means a single vegetable: paprika, kohlrabi, root celery, beetroot – similar in weight, e.g. 250g, will perfectly provide one portion.


Depending on how you like to eat vegetables, there are many possibilities. In the form of snacks, dinner additions, cooked, grilled, baked, or as salads. It is easy to provide the mentioned three portions, but serving them may become monotonous at some point, and if we additionally have at home those who are not foodies of this group of products … the situation becomes a bit more difficult. However, we always have a solution, also in this matter. If you got bored of yourself eating raw, boiled or even mixed vegetables, we offer you several sets in the form of cocktails. Not everyone has juicers, so we’ve listed options that can be successfully used with a blender. Remember to clean each vegetable thoroughly before peeling it. Each idea only requires blending the vegetables with water or infusion and spices. Fortunately, you can still go to the store and stock up! Take advantage of it.




boiled beetroot

a soft, peeled tomato

a pinch of sweet pepper

pink salt

black pepper



a bunch of parsley

fresh cucumber

pressed garlic clove

broccoli florets – no hard parts

a piece of fresh ginger

nettle infusion


Roman salad

cooked turnip

peeled tomato

very small red onion cut into rings


a handful of alfalfa sprouts

lemon balm infusion


roasted red peppers – without skin


peeled tomato

a pinch of ground turmeric

black pepper

green tea infusion


lamb’s lettuce

grated carrots

fresh cucumber

a handful of broccoli sprouts

white tea infusion

Take advantage of ideas, drink for health and pleasure, and your organisms will thank you for that!