How to be classy in eating?

Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you how you are … Similar and also the different expressions are very popular, here I want to show what is the classy eating. It’s not just about the way you eat, as an activity. Here I probably I don’t have to explain, because everyone who is interested in dietetics, nutrition and health, knows the bon-ton rules very well, especially at the table and especially in the sociality. I will focus on the choices that combine habits, beliefs, knowledge and finally – everyday eating. What makes up your diet? Are you classy or not? Check it out!

What is contributing to being classy in the context of nutrition

  • The goal of your conscious eating is your health and mental well-being.
  • You take care of your daily food by implementing your habits – consequently. You have your own rituals.
  • You know what you eat every day – you plan what your day will look like in terms of meals.
  • You control the quantity of food you eat. You know how a little is, and how much also.
  • You are aware of what products should be avoided in today’s world of accessibility and overconsumption.
  • You read the labels and know what not to buy.
  • You control your body weight and make sure you mantain it. What does it mean? The proper body weight you need is where all the basic blood tests and those that are needed when you are healing are normal and the one you do not want to change.
  • You do not eat what is badly served and you do not like it.
  • You are not satisfied just because you are hungry and you have to eat something quickly.
  • You take care of the variety of products.
  • You know the basic principles of proper nutrition in the country where you live.
  • Meals are eaten in a calm atmosphere that is good for digestion.
  • You do not eat in front of the computer or talking on the phone. Certainly driving the means of communication or walking on the street.
  • You do not follow trend – diet just because everyone in your environment uses it.
  • You are not looking for excuses, why you missed yourselfor why you broke your dietary provisions. You can confess to yourself in error.
  • You are not looking for strange advice on the Internet, such as “How to lose weight in two days” or “What to eat to get rid of fat from thighs”.
  • You do not go to places where you can buy Fast-food, even for take a coffee.
  • During events where you can put food on your own, you do not fill the entire plate.
  • You follow moderation. Less is better.
  • You try to spread good habits and encourage people to eat properly.

Now you can admit which of these points is close to you or distant, verify them and do your best – follow and you won’t regret it!

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