Suave camomile…

After intensive weekend and before more intensive week, I adore to drink something which gives me some benefits for my body, especially for tired brain. The camomile infusion, deligtfuly and delicate is the best way for me. Besides of relaxing and nurishing benefits, it gives even more:

– improve diegestion, reduce colic, gas and discomfort

– prevent inflamation, help to fight when it’s developing

– relief, sooth period pain

– reduce high glucose blood level

– help to asleep calmly

– prevent headaches (because of etheric oils)

The best think is when you buy the fresh baskets of flower. When you will get it, do like that: 1 teaspoon of dried flower baskets on 1 cup of boiling water, brew under cover for about 15 minutes, then strain and drink! There aren’t the contraindications for nobody. One exception is when you have an allergy to camomile. Salute!