Cereals is very important group of products amongst food. In addition, the complex of vit. B, necessary, inter alia, in the proper functioning of the nervous system. Also because of contain fiber, a fraction of “wheeze”, which helps in the regular removal of metabolites, binds heavy metals, other impurities, what’s more – preventing nuisance constipation and protects against colon cancer. The content of complex carbohydrates, which giving a feeling of satiety for longer, also in cereals (of good quality) is at a really high level. Depending on which breakfast profile you choose, you can put cereals in it. Today I chose a sweet profile, although I usually follow salty stuff. Spelt is a grain that has not been subjected to genetic modification or interfered with its structure so is much healthier variety of common wheat. It also has other DNA and has a different nutrient profile. Spelt is characterized by a higher content of protein and an extremely nutritious aleurone layer in beans than traditional wheat. The amino acid composition is different than in wheat proteins, spelt contains more lysine and methionine (amino acids that must be supplied from food) that are lacking in wheat. The spelts’ proteins are also better absorbed in the digestive tract. Approximately 80% of spelled proteins are gluten proteins (glutenin and gliadin) that occur in different proportions than in wheat. Spelt also has a better taste value. The delicious combination for the first breakfast is pre-cooked on almond milk (unsweetened) with spelt flakes with the addition of pink salt, expanded amaranth, turmeric and multi-flower honey. If you want put also a fresh fruit!