Caffeine substitutes – what and why?

Yerba Mate – a plant from the family of holly – holly paraguayan. Increases concentration, stimulates the cells of the nervous system – eliminates the feeling of mental fatigue.In addition, it provides many valuable components such as vitamins A, B1, C, E and calcium, phosphorus, manganese, silicon. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic and alleviates the balance of electrolytes. It stimulates long-term, not temporarily. The most advantageous form – in the form of a brew.

Guarana – plant from the Amazon basin, source of health, strength and joy! It contains 4 times more caffeine and stimulates up to 6 hours, which is 2 longer than coffee – this is, of course, individual, but statistics showed this way. Guarana also increases reaction speed, concentration and ability to quickly memorize, improves mental alertness. Energizes for longer. You can eat it in capsules or in a drink.

Ginger root – ginger is known throughout the world for its unusual healing properties, especially during infection. In Europe, the earliest appeared in England. Ginger increases blood flow through the brain, making it a good remedy for memory and concentration. It has warming and blood circulation properties recommended for people who are lethargic and sluggish. It is also recommended for people with a tendency to freeze their limbs, with a pale complexion and mouth – it speeds up circulation. Fresh root can be brewed and drink a drink with the addition of cinnamon, lemon and cloves, and also grated on a small grater to dishes.

Ginseng root – contained in it biologically active substances – ginsenosides have a strengthening effect on the nervous system. It improves memory, thinking and associating processes, thanks to which it counteracts fatigue, weariness, increases mental vitality, makes the body immune to stress by stimulating adrenaline. The chewing of fresh or dried roots is most effective. Drinks and teas are also available.

All the coffee alternatives mentioned do not work acidifyingly, do not dehydrate and do not cause addictions.