The basic rules of composing menu

Amongst lots of theories describing recommendations in proper nutrition and many doubts and controversies  I  met, I strictly recommend those described below: Quality – choose fresh and raw products and some of them, such as dried fruit or dairy products, poultry – if possible organic, and unprocessed – in a naturally occurring form, with the least amount of food additives. Read labels – avoid sugar, […]

Visit in the École de danse de l’Opéra national de Paris

You can write a book about the ballet school of the Paris Opera. However, I focused on the nutritional issue, which of course I am most interested in. Hours of classes at the Parisian ballet school are similar to the Polish system, but the nutrition system looks a bit different. And not only because of the country itself and its capital, which is of great importance here, but also […]

Ballerina’s Diet

I liked dancing since I was a child. I danced. I have not liked eating since I was a child. I did not eat it. During subsequent stages of education and trying to realize my dreams, I noticed a close relationship between the condition of the dancer and nutrition. And although I did not manage to finish the ballet school, at the right moment for myself, I understood that as an adult man one […]

Paris workshops “Healthy Parent, Healthy Child” – done!

On beautiful, snowy Saturday at 6 Rue de l’Égalité in Vincennes, there was an intensive but very pleasant workshop, which I had the big pleasure to lead. The partners of the workshop were Weesh Paris,,, Honey Sufflet and Hotel Opera Richepanse. The program included, among others: – learning to compose the correct menu – seasonal products – advantages and disadvantages – proper […]