Jazzy, icy & with frugality

The soloist of the Kielce Dance Theater and the Ballet Director – Małgorzata Ziółkowska is sharing her day in occupational life, preferences and the definition of dancer’s health. “Food, drink, sleep, carnal love – all in moderation,” said Hippocrates. I often think about this quote by composing my meals or sitting at a table with my loved ones. For me, eating is not just realising basic needs. […]

“The human foot is a machine with a masterful structure and a work of art” – Leonardo da Vinci

Hours of training, high load on joints, bones and soft tissues – muscles, skin and its creations. Today we will focus on the foot, in the next texts we will address the issue of other bodies. Regarding the title of the article you are reading, the foot as a link to the ground on which we move, walk, run, jump and … first and foremost we dance requires a lot […]

Marta Cerioli and her “Risotto della Nonna Lalli”

Hello there! My name is Marta Cerioli, I am italian but I am living in Poland since two years. Now, you guys are probably wondering what is an italian girl of 22 years old doing in Warsaw. Well, it might sound like a joke, but I am a ballerina at the Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa…no seriously, italian people can be in shape too!! Unfortunately, italian habits are not always the best for me because I should […]

Suave camomile…

After intensive weekend and before more intensive week, I adore to drink something which gives me some benefits for my body, especially for tired brain. The camomile infusion, deligtfuly and delicate is the best way for me. Besides of relaxing and nurishing benefits, it gives even more: – improve diegestion, reduce colic, gas and discomfort – prevent inflamation, help to fight when it’s […]


Cereals is very important group of products amongst food. In addition, the complex of vit. B, necessary, inter alia, in the proper functioning of the nervous system. Also because of contain fiber, a fraction of “wheeze”, which helps in the regular removal of metabolites, binds heavy metals, other impurities, what’s more – preventing nuisance constipation and protects against colon cancer. The content of complex carbohydrates, which […]

The folly of Saturday’s afternoon

When I have even a half of Saturday free, it’s time for friends. Today I am waiting for them with an Italian accent, which may not be a big surprise, although such an accent may not be expected … Wheat flour, yeast, sugar, fatty ripening cheese and late hour. Hm, a dietitian is also a human, sometimes also can eat pizza and what’s more – give it to friends. From […]

Blue rhapsody

Regarding to the colors – continuation … The hero of today is blue. In addition to having a number of properties in repair mechanisms, such as: inhibiting inflammation, reducing edema, quieting, aseptic, stimulating creative thinking, also has an inhibitory effect on appetite. Similarly to violet which has already been described, it helps to eat less people keeping the figure in check. A blue tablecloth on a table or plates in this color […]

Salon Vivre Autrement 2018

Organic food fairs, novelties, literature, discussions … it’s a real treat for a nutritionist! This season I went to Paris, where in the beautiful Floral de Paris park, the exhibitors familiarized visitors with the offer of their products, allowed them to taste their delicious, innovative flavors and presented modern culinary solutions. Le Salon etéique et bio was the best idea to refresh the knowledge about […]

Violet blues

Colors are the inseparable elements of human life, perceived by the sense of sight, but not only … In the context of nutrition, chromotherapy plays a very important role. Colors have an influence on receiving stimulatories in the pituitary gland, where there is a center of hunger and satiety. And yes, for satiety will work just violet – thanks to it, we will feel less appetite / desire for food. […]


The fullness of presence – in the attempt to translate the term mindfulness is a special kind of attention: conscious, non-judgmental and directed at the current moment (Jon Kabat-Zinn, 1990), at the same time experiencing a world that is beyond dreams, expectations and is a kind of experience of things “the kind of they are “(Ray, 2002). The mindfulness idea is consistent with both practice and approach, which consists in being completely […]